Welcome to Buckhurst Hill Residents' Society



Welcome to our new Website.
The old website was written in 2004 using a design program which is now obsolete, was inflexible, and was unable to link to printed documents. The new website is written using a program called Joomla, used by thousands of other websites. It continues to be hosted at 1and1.
We have changed our email address from info@ to enquiries@ in order to send an acknowledgement message to senders, though info@ remains in use for receiving news circulars. Any general emails sent to info@ will continue to be answered, just without the auto-acknowledgement of receipt. 
We would like to thank our website designer Sarah Harman, who wrote the template and provided the groundwork for building the site.The work has been overseen by Michele Davis, Peter Foxton and Margaret Drew. Articles and photographs have been contributed by other members of the Committee, and of the Society.
If you have any comments, please let us know.
Peter Foxton
May 2015