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At the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 23rd July the Society addressed the Councillors as follows:-


"Many thanks for the opportunity to view the documents.


The Green Belt areas in the District form an important function, as noted in the review by the classification 5 Strong Contribution, for preventing neighbouring towns merging. and also classified as 5 Strong Contribution for assisting in safeguarding the countryside. There is no separation between Buckhurst Hill and Loughton to the South of the London Underground railway tracks, which makes the areas to the North even more important.

The review calls for possible changes to the Green Belt boundaries when there is a significant change in circumstances, or when there is an exceptional and urgent reason for change. Recently the School for Autistic Children in Chigwell was sited as exceptional, as the site was deemed to be the only site available in the area for this development. We are not aware of any significant changes or exceptional conditions that could apply to any areas within the Parish.


Finally, in the last few months our local MP was elected with a commitment that "The Green Belt is safe with me".


For these reasons we would strongly oppose any changes to the Green Belt in Buckhurst Hill."


The Parish Council are preparing their response to the Draft Documents.